Back to basics with SnappyWrist Swing Training Aid

If you play tennis or squash, you know that most beginners struggle with their swing.

The concept of cocking the wrist does not come naturally to a lot of players. So, when Harry Ahn of AA Swing contacted me to ask if I would like to try out the SnappyWrist Swing Training Aid, a tennis training aid, I said yes.

The first thing that struck me about the SnappyWrist was the simplicity of it. It took me less than five mins to follow the instructions and strap in onto my wrist. The second thing I liked about it is that it is unobtrusive. You could be playing tennis or squash wearing it and nobody would really notice it. The sound that the snap makes as you cock and un-cock your wrist is soft enough not to distract anyone.

I decided to try it out during the tennis house league at the club. While cocking my wrist came naturally to me for most strokes, I realized that my forehand volleys were occasionally not cocked enough for the gadget to give me auditory feedback.

Point taken.

So, I figured that if it works for tennis, it should work for squash.

I asked my friend Peter DeFrancesco, who is one on the top players at our club, to give it a try. In his spare time, Peter runs a Sunday junior squash program at Georgetown Racquet Club.

Here is his feedback, “One of the important components of generating power in squash comes from cocking the wrist and then un-cocking the wrist during the follow through.  This device does a great job of easily telling someone when their wrist is cocked with a short “snapping” sound.  It also makes the same sound when the wrist becomes un-cocked.  This is a very useful tool for squash players that can really help them get their wrist in the proper position needed to strike the ball with power.”

Peter’s kids’ comments were less formal:

“It’s really cool!”

“It was a helpful device that easily told me when my wrist was cocked.”


So, if you feel that your tennis or squash swing needs improvement, at $20, the SnappyWrist is worth a try.


Disclosure: The SnappyWrist Swing Training Aid used by me was a complimentary sample that I received for review purposes. The opinions and thoughts above are my own and that of my friends’ who tested the training aid.

Dax Nair

Dax is a senior marketing professional based in Toronto, Canada. He is an avid racquet sports enthusiast, blogger and music lover, Dax can be reached at or on Twitter: @daxnair

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