Do you need a better squash serve?

As someone who has played racket sports (Badminton, Squash, Tennis, & Table Tennis) all my life, I am a firm believer in learning each sport the right way. Some level of coaching is a good idea for anyone who wants to play the game at an above average level. Taking a few lessons with the Club Pro or a friend who has the right technique, can’t hurt your game.

While looking around for some good training material on squash, I found this interesting video that breaks down the various aspects of a squash serve. Kind of long, but worth it…

If you are above watching videos on serves, how about a backhand kill into the nick?

Some other interesting squash related videos that may be of interest:

They called this, the rally of the tournament. Watching it makes me feel winded.

If you have ever wondered why Squash sometimes appears to be a sub culture than a professional sport, here is a perspective:

Squash: A Sub-Culture or Pro Sport?

Dax Nair

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