Five squash rallies that you may have missed…

As a follow up to my post titled “Five squash rallies that will make you go you gotta be kidding me!” here are five more videos from the web that show you how the pros play the game.

John White vs. Gregory Gaultier – Watching this fifty-plus shot rally between makes you want to sit down – which White does at the end of the rally!

As one of the hardest hitters of the squash ball, White was once clocked hitting a shot at 172 miles per hour. It is heartening to see that even professional players sometimes get too close to the ball.

Fares Dessouki vs. Diego Elias – Unlike the previous rally, the players in this video don’t appear too tired after a long and acrobatic rally. Being young does count for something in squash!

Miguel Rodriguez vs. Nick Matthew – It’s a lot of work to win a point from this rally. You can see Matthew’s frustrated shrug at the end of the rally.

Peter Creed vs. Saurav Ghosal – I would consider this amazing rally the best of the current pick. It is surprising to see how little backswing the players use when playing at the front of the court.

John White and Peter Nicol – This rally is not pretty; but, certainly counts for some entertainment value.

Do you have interesting squash videos that you would like to share?

Dax Nair

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