My Wimbledon dreams

It’s the perfect storm.

The Wimbledon tennis championship is into its final days; two Canadians are still in contention, and I am going to be in London!

Eugenie Bouchard has clinched her spot in the finals of the Wimbledon Women’s championship, a first ever in the open era. Milos Raonic, another Canadian, attempts to replicate Bouchard’s success on the men’s side by trying to win his semi-final match against Roger Federer, who has beaten him in his past four encounters. Federer, a seven-time championship winner, has been vulnerable lately.

A Raonic win is not inconceivable. Canadian tennis is indeed on the upswing.

So it felt logical that I look for tickets to the Wimbledon finals.

I had no illusions. Tickets would not come cheap if they were available at all. I had missed the ballot. I had no plans to camp outside Wimbledon grounds to be part of the “queue” in hopes of getting a ticket on the day of the game.

Wimbledon Tickets - last minute prices

That left me with Ticket master.

What the heck! It’s not every day that I can boast of having been to the centre court on Wimbledon.

Making sure that I was not redirected to a scalper’s site, I explored my options, credit card at the ready. I knew that I had to move quickly to grab two of the remaining eight seats. I clicked “buy” to see the price of the tickets. I did a double take! £7,810 for two tickets? Quick mental math told me that is over $13,000 in US dollars.

Clearly, above my snack bracket!

As I pondered my back up plan, it occurred to me that England has not had a lot to cheer about lately. Early exit from the FIFA World Cup and Andy Murray’s defeat at Wimbledon quarter-finals have not helped. Perhaps it’s time for the Brits to pick their next favourites – the Canadians.

After all, we still pledge our allegiance to the Queen!

Surfing the web for a tennis-friendly sports bar in London….

Dax Nair

Dax is a senior marketing professional based in Toronto, Canada. He is an avid racquet sports enthusiast, blogger and music lover, Dax can be reached at or on Twitter: @daxnair

2 thoughts on “My Wimbledon dreams

  • July 3, 2014 at 8:01 PM

    Dax, A man of your means should be able to afford that. Say hi to my family and have a pint on your squash buddies back home. Al

    • July 4, 2014 at 9:22 AM

      I certainly can take care of the beer part Al. As for the means, I ‘ll let perceptions be…


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